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uselang not sticky enough
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Gentlemen, consider a site whose $wgLanguageCode is not English, and
where they don't want to make a whole second site.

Let's say we want to guide a potential new user to at least where he
can set his Preferences to English.

As uselang=en doesn't stay turned on from link to link, we must write

Here are English links to
*first [{{fullurl:Special:Userlogin|type=signup&uselang=en}} sign up],
*then [{{fullurl:Special:Userlogin|uselang=en}} login],
*then in [{{fullurl:Special:Preferences|uselang=en}} Preferences]<!--
-->> you can chose the English interface.
But along the way you will still encounter Chinese messages...

So there is little chance he will make it to Preferences without being
asked things in non-English.

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: minor
OS: Linux
Platform: PC



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robchur wrote:

Enable $wgLoginLanguageLinks in LocalSettings.php. Customise the
login-lang-links message to change which links are available.