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Have autoblocker ignore specific ranges
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Author: lunasantin

Since I respond to a large number of requests for unblocking at en.wp, I'm quite
familiar with this problem: one vandal gets blocked on AOL, and three or four
legitimate editors are hit with the ensuing autoblocks. Perhaps it would be wise
to have the autoblocker ignore some or all of the main AOL IP ranges, such as,, and Would save a lot of
collateral damage.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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I'm switching this to be more general. We don't want it specific to AOL.

rotemliss wrote:

Note that you can disable autoblocking for a specific block using a checkbox.

lunasantin wrote:

That assumes I'm blocking an IP address, though -- without going to the trouble
of getting a checkuser, there's no way for me to tell what particular IP
addresses any given username is connecting through.

ayg wrote:

Proposed patch

I've tested the patch, which is fairly straightforward, but I haven't done much
of anything with blocks before, so I'm wary of committing. Anyone want to


This is best off configurable as an interface message. I'm going to work on it
later tonight. wrote:

Does [[MediaWiki:Autoblock whitelist]] support commenting? It'd nice to be able
to write WHOIS info or contact details, links etc next to each entry.

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