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Please fix the content model of these Commons modules
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Could someone please clean up the content models of the 16 Commons modules matching listed by the query at,

use commonswiki_p;
SELECT page_title from page where
  page_namespace = 828 and page_title not like '%/doc' and page_content_model = 'wikitext'

If anyone cares, the page titles are:

  • Category_handler
  • Category_handler/blacklist
  • Category_handler/config
  • Category_handler/data
  • Category_handler/shared
  • Chart
  • Documentation/config
  • Effective_protection_level
  • List
  • Lua_banner
  • Message_box
  • Message_box/configuration
  • Namespace_detect/config
  • Namespace_detect/data
  • No_globals
  • Plotter/DefaultColors

(But obviously don't take my word for it!)

Kudos to @Bawolff for writing the initial query (which I modified to show only the one field) and introducing me to the "Quarry" tool.

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$user = User::newFromName( 'Krenair' );
$summary = "[[phabricator:T99157|scribunto content model]]";
$titles = array( "Category_handler", "Category_handler/blacklist", "Category_handler/config", "Category_handler/data", "Category_handler/shared", "Chart", "Documentation/config", "Effective_protection_level", "List", "Lua_banner", "Message_box", "Message_box/configuration", "Namespace_detect/config", "Namespace_detect/data", "No_globals", "Plotter/DefaultColors" );
foreach ( $titles as $title ) {
	$page = WikiPage::factory( Title::newFromText( 'Module:' . $title ) );
	$sc = new ScribuntoContent( $page->getContent()->getNativeData() );
	$page->doEditContent( $sc, $summary, 0, false, $user, $sc->getDefaultFormat() );

Seems to have done the trick. Silly imports.