A quick news roundup I wrote for things that are happening!

@Mglaser Thank you for being considerate of my COI and omitting me. :) You did a great job putting that together. Very excited!

Mar 22nd, 2017

@Ckoerner OK, so how should we go about creating and advertising that page? I'm guessing it should be a Flow page. It could probably use some preamble text. It should probably be a subpage of . . . something. Would it be "owned" (whatever that means in this context) by MediaWiki-Stakeholders-Group? It sounds like it has a broader mission past just this group: "anyone from the tech community". So, I guess this means that MediaWiki-Stakeholders-Group is offering to set up and manage this page for the broader MediaWiki community. The next question is, once we have set the page up, do we need to have a plan to curate, initiate discussions, and advertise the page?

Re: moving away from mwstake.org, we initially set it up as a showplace for some of our "enterprise" approaches. I'm not sure that it has really done that effectively, since I set it up quickly and haven't had any time to really give it any TLC. The fact that it requires login is problematic; although it showcases in a limited way the enterprise approach to attributed contribution, it drastically limits community contribution. So, I am definitely in favor of hosting pages such as the one discussed above on mediawiki.org. And, maybe our calendar could be more easily managed on mediawiki.org. I'd still like to think about having some sort of showcase that hosts and demonstrates the utility of extensions that are not on mediawiki.org (yet).

@Ckoerner Great blog post! Thanks!

Apr 3rd, 2017

@cicalese Yeah, I'm not sure how to create the page in question, but SGrabarczuk would know! Heck, even if we start something as a subpage under a User: page we can always move the content. I think if we start it we can help promote through our channels we already use. That and the strategy pages are all interlinked and we'll have many folks stopping by that we don't reach out to purposefully.

Semi-related good news: https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/mediawiki-l/2017-April/046462.html

I agree that mwstake.org can have some value, but it appears that at the moment we don't have the capacity to do that. It also hurts visibility with folks who aren't currently involved in having our stuff off of mediawiki.org. Maybe we can talk about this on friday at the monthly meeting?

Is anyone submitting a MediaWiki-related submission for Wikimania? I was going to do one that would cover interesting ways MediaWiki is being used outside of Wikimedia wikis. A showcase as it were.

I don't want to conflict with anyone's plans and would be happy to acquiesce if there are other plans in flight. :)

@Ckoerner already pointed us to this thread on mediawiki-l: https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/mediawiki-l/2017-April/046462.html. They are currently discussing external funding of features wished by third parties. I already replied, but the thread could easily do with some more contributions from the stakeholders.

@Ckoerner, /me is not going to Wikimania, so I won't get in your way ;)

btw, the deadline for the "Fantastic MediaWiki" hackathon track is on Wednesday. We already have on contribution ;) Please consider adding a session or promoting the Call for Participation: https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/mediawiki-l/2017-April/046462.html

Apr 4th, 2017

In case anyone has missed it, there is a meeting this Friday on Bluejeans: {E336}

@Ckoerner, I'll be at Wikimania. After EMWCon, I made contact with a few larger users of MW and scheduled interviews. I hope to have something to share from those interviews. Perhaps I could help add to yours?

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What are you planning on discussing Friday?

Apr 5th, 2017
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@Jamesmontalvo3, I'll have that up today.

Apr 6th, 2017

I've added an #mwstake discussion page for the Wikimedia Strategy 2017: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki_Stakeholders%27_Group/Wikimedia_Strategy_2017_Discussion. The idea is to allow folks with an interest in MediaWiki to have a place to discuss and have input into the Strategy. The next step would be to advertise the page. Ultimately, discussion from the page would be summarized on meta. I won't be able to attend the meeting tomorrow, but please discuss advertising the page. Thanks!

I'm not going to be able to make this time period tomorrow, seems to happen pretty often for me. Do you do the meetings on a consistent day, so I can block it off in the future?

@Jamesmontalvo3: first Friday of the month at 9am Central.

Except when I'm lazy and we have it on the second Friday.

got it. blocked off for the rest of the year...hopefully it stays that way!

Apr 9th, 2017
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@MarkAHershberger : Thanks for the add. Missed the meeting yesterday, but I'll try to make the next one.

May 2nd, 2017

The Wikimedia Foundation Technology and Product Q&A Session #2 by Victoria Coleman (CTO) and Toby Negrin (Interim VP of Product) is Tuesday May 9, 2017, at 17:00 UTC via YouTube live.

Link to live YouTube stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4kfgU9SZcg

IRC channel for questions/discussion: #wikimedia-office

Set up a #mwstake meeting for this Friday. See you there! E555

May 9th, 2017

Awesome to hear Victoria mention the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group and EMWCon several times during her Q&A today!

May 10th, 2017

Yay! I feel we are gaining some momentum.

May 24th, 2017

Here's a little summary of the Fantastic MediaWikis track: https://mwstake.org/mwstake/wiki/Blog_Post:51

Nice summary! I wish I could have been there!

May 27th, 2017

There were some blog posts about the "Fantastic MediaWikis" track so far: https://mwstake.org/mwstake/wiki/Blog_Post:51#Coverage . Please add any coverage you find to the linked page

May 29th, 2017

E578 -- #mwstake meeting this Frieday

Jun 4th, 2017

Here is an attempt at a logo combining MediaWiki and Wikimedia colors (poorly done - I'm not good with SVGs):

Jun 6th, 2017

Thank you @Tgr. For all others: In the last call we talkes abput a small logo / icon for the Stakeholders to make activities visible. The original propsal was this one.

. This proposal is simply a standard WMF user group logo with a reworked MediaWiki sunflower, MediaWiki colors and two additional WMF colors (blue and green) - because MediaWiki has particular colors which don't suit to the WMF design. This is a result of the design history of MediaWiki and WMF.
We agreed, that extensive logo discussions wouldn't help us. We should decide in the near future, which one fits more, so that we can go ahead, with more important issues.
But I have first two questions for @Qgil: Can you help us to find out, if this logo has to be approved by someone in the foundation? And if there are any restrictions, the stakeholders have to consider using such a logo?

Personal remarks: I found Tgrs proposal also nice.

I don't think we should rush into a design. Is there a particular need to have one quickly?

Yes, it is. We must refresh two or three portals in the next tthree weeks with a new template, that fits to MediaWiki.org. For that we need an icon for MediaWiki Stakeholders stuff.
But: we're only talking about a few styleguides. And we're not redesigning MediaWiki! But of course those templates can and should be customized and by any other Mediawiki.org user. :-)

All we need: a definition of a handful of colors and a logo. That's it. ^^

What's the driver for the three week requirement?

I really like both of the logos. I like the addition of the globe in the center of @Tgr's logo. And, I like the introduction of the mw.org colors in @RHeigl's logo - although I can see benefit in staying with the standard WMF colors. I could be extremely happy with either.

Tighter deadines mean less bikeshedding :)

Cool stuff. If you ask me I like Tgr's proposal better because of the globe and the coloring is a bit more consistent I guess.

bikeshedding-- I like the colors on @Tgr's

Driver 1: Next Stakeholders call should have a closed action item, Driver 3: easy task and no solution lasting for the next centuries needed.

I hate this phabricator ....
Driver 2: Setup of our recent LDAP hub need some design, as the Stakeholders portal need one (some others too).

I'll ask Rado for another proposals in Tgr-style. ^^

The image above made no attempt at picking good colors. It was just a quick attempt at a logo that will stand out and be memorable

Of course aligning our icon with beef products may offend vegetarians. We could use an icon of a stake (as opposed to a steak), but this may offend witches and vampires. Perhaps if we took two stakes in an X over a steak it would indicate that we are neither supporting beef products nor threatening witches or vampires, and by using both steaks and stakes it would symbolize our support for all (steak|stake)holders. </sarcasm-but-also-sort-of-serious> :-)

I think we need to put the stakes on a platter to indicate that we are talking about stake HOLDERs. (I apologize for my bike-shedding, but I felt this was important to note.)

Mark...good point. Standby...

The intern here is in favor of the steak. (I told her to leave her own comment, but she said that it was too much work, so here I am...)

I'm afraid that if we made this a stake-holding logo (hand included, natch) that possible vampire members would *really* not want to participate.

Now that I've thought some more, and given we have to abide by the friendly space policy, I think we should dump the steaks and stakes and go back to @Tgr's original sunflower logo.

Holding steaks is unfriendly?

I was trying to be considerate of vegetarians.

Parsoid has got me down today...hence, procrastination.

Jun 7th, 2017

I had a jolly good laugh.

OK. Here two more variations.

I like the simplicity of @RHeigl's logos, and since simplicity is what happens with logos over time (see these examples, especially Apple, IBM, and Pepsi), they're probably better choices.

Jun 8th, 2017

I would suggest, that Mark, Markus and Cindy should decide how and which one. I'm too biased ^^

Jun 12th, 2017

Catch up on what's happening in the MedaiWIki world with the MediaWiki Stakeholders' June News Roundup - https://mwstake.org/mwstake/wiki/Blog_Post:52

(That took me way to long to get out, apologies)

Also, all these pictures of steaks is making me hungry.

Jun 23rd, 2017

As requested, yesterday Cindy, Mark and I came to a decision on the logo: We will use the simple sunflower with blue and orange circle: https://phab.wmfusercontent.org/file/data/bowwqjy3eqia6kaxky4i/PHID-FILE-qbvv2atzrjskbzolzi5r/MediaWiki-usergroups-logo01.png.

This is why:
• Soundness: Any logo suggestions involving a steak are definitely funny, but probably will not help us to be taken serious
• Simplicity: The sunflower is already very detail rich, adding hands or globes would make the logo more complicated and twitchy (<- not sure this is the correct word)
• Association: Using the WMF circle and general layout of user group logos associates us with the WMF
• Differentiation: Using the orange instead of red is more pleasing in combination with the sunflower; it is used on mw.o; we indicate we are a bit different from the WMF (red)

I will make the logo available on commons as soon as possible and post the link here.

Kghbln updated the room image.

Great, no objection. So I updated the respective logos.

Thanks! Perfect!

Jun 29th, 2017

Don't forget we have a #mwstake meeting next Friday: E579

Jul 6th, 2017

Reminder, #mwstake meeting tomorrow: E579 ... we have some updates about next springs EMWCon in Houston!

Jul 7th, 2017
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Next #MWStake: E580

I promised a report on the Wikimedia Strategy meeting, but today's strategy meeting was not relevant in a meaningful way to this group. I will be working on finding a way that we can contribute.

@cicalese could you put a note to that effect on the etherpad for the next meeting? E580

Jul 12th, 2017

I just moved all ~50 blog posts from mwstake.org to mediawiki.org

Since we don't have any fancy SMW on MW.org I could use some help making the template a little nicer.

I went with a YEAR-MONTH-DAY structure for posts. Not perfect, but easier to create an archive by date.

Jul 13th, 2017

Thank you, Chris!

Jul 18th, 2017

I put the recent blog posts on top of the MW portal page to promote them. Mission is now on a subpage. If the people think, they are helpfull, we can ask, if can post the recent ones on the MW.org mainpage.

@RHeigl -- page is looking pretty awesome. Thank you!