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Thanks @Aklapper , I chimed in.

Tangentially: One team would like to categorize their tech debt. Up to now, they have been using Technical-Debt but, since that is a global tag, they can't use columns to track what type of tech debt it is for them. As a result, they created a team-specific tech debt tag, which seems somewhat redundant. It also seems to be the only way they can track their categories of tech debt without adding disruptive columns to their backlog. Is there a better way to approach this? Milestones or Subprojects of Technical-Debt maybe (I'm just throwing ideas out there)?

Technical-debt could have milestones, it would work fine. We should try to avoid redundant tags.

I think I'm having exactly the same conversation via email with Olga...? But in this Conpherence room there's more knowledge on best practices available than in my little brain, so Olga should probably join here! :)

So Technical-Debt would have a milestone called "Team X"? Benefits: They can have as many of their own columns as they want in "Technical-Debt (Team X)". And "Technical-Debt" and "Technical-Debt (Team X)" will have a clear relationship as parent->milestone, so that a) it's clear they are related and not duplicates, and b) searches for Technical-Debt will return these as well. Con: the new milestone will appear as "Technical-Debt (Team X)" in some contexts, and Team X in others; could be hard to find in search?

Sep 24th, 2016

@JAufrecht: They could be named "Team X Debt" for disambiguation in any places where the milestone name appears alone, however, I can't think of many places where that is the case. Can you point to some examples?

Sep 26th, 2016

Actually I can't. I think there were a few places but now they've been fixed. Maybe I am now just thinking of Phlogiston, where we see the raw project title without reconstructing it the way Phabricator does.

@JAufrecht Do columns have IDs too? I bet Milestones do, at least, since they are technically a type of project. If so, you can track by ID, which is harder to set up but more thorough to track.

@mmodell Increasingly, I like the idea of Technical-Debt Milestones.

Sep 28th, 2016

Unrelated question: Can Milestone columns be moved on a board? I don't see an option to do so.

@Aklapper I searched for but did not find an upstream request. Do you know of one before I create redundant tasks? :)

Please create redundant tasks.

Well, I should rephrase that as it probably comes across as rude - what I wanted to express is "Please don't be afraid to create redundant tasks. Asking personally if a task exists before creating one won't scale, I promise. ;) "

So I'm not aware of any requests. Will very likely require explaining how you use parent project boards and milestone columns exactly.

Regarding ordering of milestone columns: "Change Milestone sort options" - specifically

Oct 4th, 2016

Hi. Sorry if I ask a question already answered, but I see that "story points" field and I don't know what it means, it's purpose and how to interpret it. Is there any documentation somewhere? Thank you in advance for your help. Have a nice day.

Defined at Some notes on how it's used by WMF teams can be found in (you'll need to search for "story points" in the body). It could probably be made clearer; if you have ideas on how to do that, like what questions need to be answered, please be bold in updating the documentation or asking more questions.

Oct 7th, 2016

@Aklapper @mmodell After reflection, I agree with Andre's assessment that #bug is too risky because submissions will occur only with #bug and no actual code project. Barring a Herald that adds a project that tracks orphan tasks (#unknown or something), and someone attending to those, I think individual team bug tracking is simpler (e.g. iOS-app-Bugs , Android-app-Bugs ) despite the risk of redundant projects.

Oct 8th, 2016

(We don't need a project that tracks orphan tasks. Maniphest Advanced Search allows to search for "Tags: Not Tagged With Any Projects". Which doesn't solve the problem of tasks that only have random tags but that wasn't brought up in the previous comment it seems) :)

Oct 21st, 2016
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Hello, I just wanted to know how to purge articles in the Wikipedia android app, as I recently edited a page and couldn't see that edit in the app although it is visible in the browser. What could be the reason ?

Hi @Kaartic, this Phabricator chat room is about the Phabricator software itself. For mobile apps, please see - thanks!

Oct 22nd, 2016

Sorry about that. I didn't know it. Will be careful the next time.

Oct 23rd, 2016
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Oct 28th, 2016

Hello everyone, Does anyone know where to actually report a bug about phabricator's mobile browser client. I find it frustrating when it shows an error message when the file upload fails. The worst part is the error doesn't go off.

Aklapper: I'm the one who should thank. Thanks a lot.

Nov 15th, 2016

Does disabled accounts continue to receive mails and updates? Would be any issue if I remove them from a task? I ask because @LuisV_WMF is disabled but on email updates I get from tasks where he was subscribed (cf. T5233), it continues to appear in the email footer as CC, like if an email were also sent to them. Thanks.

@MarcoAurelio AFAIK it does not actually send email to disabled accounts.

Nov 18th, 2016

Hi again. Is it possible or will it be to move a task from several workboards categories at once from the task menu itself, instead of having to do this one by one? Also, it'd be interesting that tasks could automove to different categories based on the status or tags of the task. For example: if the task is marked at resolved, the task moves itself to the "Closed" column of the workboard, based on per-workboard configuration. Thank you.

(meta: I feel that support questions should go to but I have no idea what this Conpherence chat room is about either "Interested Parties - Discussion about Phab" so this might be on-topic.)

From mukunda when the conpherence was created: "Maybe conpherence is a better public forum for coordinating the rollout of new phabricator features, as apposed to private email threads, mailing lists or vague tasks that don't have specific actionables?"

From mukunda when the conpherence was created: "Maybe conpherence is a better public forum for coordinating the rollout of new phabricator features, as apposed to private email threads, mailing lists or vague tasks that don't have specific actionables?"

(Meant to put in white space, some how copy/pasted). Point being. This was made to coordinate releases of Phab, not support. We should indeed use the wiki, or, if people are willing, a "Phabricator Support" conpherence. This should be renamed to be clear it is not for general support.

Aklapper set the room topic to Deploying Phabricator updates & dealing with upstream changes.
Aklapper set the room topic to Deploying Phabricator updates & dealing with upstream changes | General support questions:
Aklapper set the room topic to Deploying Phabricator updates & dealing with upstream changes | General support: mw:Talk:Phabricator/Help.
Nov 19th, 2016
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Nov 21st, 2016

Thanks for the update and sorry for the off-topic. It was not intentional. Since the last update I am however having troubles with email commands and replies to Phabricator. Is it happening to more people or just me? I've posted at Regards.

Feb 18th, 2017
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Mar 3rd, 2017

Just a heads up for those who are interested. Team practices and product managers might be interested in this especially: Upstream just merged a fairly major change: which will make it possible to resolve T92708: Add fields to support bug specific information but there is some configuration involved and we'd need to think about how to best take advantage of it.

May 24th, 2017
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Jun 17th, 2017
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Jul 17th, 2017
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Jul 26th, 2017
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Jul 28th, 2017
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Aug 14th, 2017
Sep 12th, 2017

It seems grep file contents on Diffusion repos has disappeared in the last Phabricator update, or at least I cannot find it. Am I right? If so, can it be restored? Thank you.

@Aklapper Thanks for the task link. As of recent upgrade that function has disappeared apparently.

Sep 13th, 2017
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Sep 26th, 2017

grep is there, see the top right of eg ("pattern search")

Oct 4th, 2017

I intend to move forward with T92708: Add fields to support bug specific information in the coming weeks. Any further input would be welcome before I create a bunch of new task fields for the "Bug" task type.

@mmodell I'm not sure I understood the Task properly. If it is about creating more fields in the Task creation form to add OS/Browser/etc. I don't see much gain to be honest. That information can be added in the ticket description itself without much complications.

Oct 21st, 2017

@MarcoAurelio I would tend to agree with you, however, it's a feature that was much-requested by the mobile apps team(s)...

Nov 1st, 2017

@MarcoAurelio @mmodell I believe it's about making things more visual on boards (when possible), as well as filters, searching, and reports (e.g. Phlogiston). @Fjalapeno correct me if I'm not capturing everything.

Nov 13th, 2017

idk how I managed to do this lol

Nov 14th, 2017

@TerraCodes: If that link is somehow related to Phabricator updates, then please provide more content and why you posted this here. Thanks!

Its a diff on phab.wm.o

but the repo is on phab.wmflabs.o

so was there an update or something that lets you submit diffs to another phab instance or am I just missing that theres a duplicate repo here too?

@TerraCodes Don't hesitate to open a task for it, or to contact @Paladox :)

Nov 17th, 2017

A diff is just that, a diff (like a patch file). You'll notice there is no repo associated with it, as opposed to eg D887.

so just abandon it and no harm.

ah, thanks for explaining it, kinda new to all of this heh

@greg And what's the reason for D873 and 8d9e072ddf25 differing in authorship as noted in rPHEX8d9e072ddf25d0f3aebdfc9bc270b779a21a5b08#2294458 ? Thanks.

Nov 18th, 2017

That's something to discuss in as it's not related to any new features or updates of the Phabricator codebase, I'd say.

Feb 13th, 2018

upstream recently released a change that might be of interest to our project managers:


Task Close Date:
Maniphest now explicitly tracks a closed date (and closing actor) for tasks. This data will be built retroactively by a migration during the upgrade. This will take > a little while if you have a lot of tasks (see "Migrations" below).

The Maniphest search UI can now order by close date and filter tasks closed between particular dates or closed by certain users. The API has similar support, and returns this data in result sets. This data is also now available via Export Data.

For closed tasks, the main task list view now shows a checkmark icon and the close date. For open tasks, the view retains the old behavior (no icon, modified date).

This will be released on Wednesday

@mmodell: Indeed. I added a comment to about it. I also created for other issues that got reported in Wikimedia.

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Mar 6th, 2018

@mmodell That new feature for filtering on close date/range is great, thanks for the update. I'm finding that if I manipulate closed tasks, it still sends notifications to subscribers to those tasks. This is likely by design, but when one needs to sort out, say, a whole quarter's worth of closed tasks, it's a lot of notifications that are not necessary. My understanding is that we have a special WMF-Phab account for batch changes that can circumvent notifications, so as not to spam people and IRC bots. Would that account also be able to handle manual changes to a board? That is, could I login to it and move the tasks around? I'd much rather do it by batch, but the only equivalent feature is "Move Tasks to Column..." and that seems to only affect tasks with Status=Open, so I have to do that manually. I don't mind, but it does make me wonder if that special account can handle this use-case. :)

There's the account . Regarding use cases, it's just an account that creates no notifications. I don't see why "Move Tasks to Column..." should only affect open tasks.

@MBinder_WMF: yes and I think @greg is the holder of the credentials for the @Phabricator_maintenance account.

Sorry, hit enter! And then my connection to Phab died, so apologies if this message is repeated. Regarding "Move Tasks to Column..." I agree. I expected it to behave the same way as "Bulk Edit Tasks..." or the old "Batch Edit Visible Tasks..." (I think that's what it was titled), but alas. Anyway, we can probably discuss that in another place. :)

Mar 7th, 2018

note that if it's a (normal) bot, you'll not be able to login using the web interface, only api accepts bot credentials

Mar 10th, 2018

@Phabricator_maintenance is a normal user account, so you can login like with a normal account

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Mar 18th, 2018
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Apr 25th, 2018
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Sep 14th, 2018

Hi. It looks like the last Phab update added a new filed to the tasks: "Risk Rating". It is being displayed for all tasks, but I cannot edit it even for tasks I create. I'm not sure what that field is suposed to mention, etc. Can I have some guidance here, please? Thank you.

Sep 15th, 2018

Ack. Thanks. I'll ask on the task.