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[razesoldier@dev w]$ grep -rn "class\sCollator" *
vendor/jetbrains/phpstorm-stubs/intl/intl.php:5:class Collator {

I guess I can try with composer install --require-dev phpstorm-stubs ?

I am doing a full composer update right now and will retry after that.

In fact, composer.json already includes jetbrains/phpstorm-stubs

I did the full composer updating and re-run the script. Same error :-(

Does vendor/jetbrains/phpstorm-stubs/intl/intl.php exist?

May run composer dump-autoload to rebuild the class autoloader.

Done, same error, sorry :-(, it mean your PHP requires intl extension.

This class is provided by the PHP extension instead of the lib written by php. :)

I see. I have PHP via XAMPP. Any easy way to get it added?

XAMPP should also include intl.dll because the office win tarball is included it. In general, just find the extension path, then find the exact file name (may is php_intl.dll), and then fill it in php.ini. (extension=php_intl)

I editted my php.ini file and removed the ; from extension=intl. Ran the script and it works :) Thank you!

@Urbanecm So I could run the script but observed some issues: 1) it outputs the list of contributors to the very bottom of the CREDITS file & 2) if I just copy/paste the newly generated list to replace the already-generated one, it results in some contributors removal. Did the same happened to you? (also no .mailmap updates done). Thanks.

.mailmap is a configuration file, it's supposed to be touched by hand. It lists contributors that use two different Git names (git config --global says what you use) to map them to some cannonical name, so they're not in CREDITS twice. The fact your second email address isn't listed there doesn't matter.

On the other hand, CREDITS isn't supposed to be touched manually - it's touched by updateCredits.php script. Also, the script shouldn't output anything - it should just touch the file and end.

P7953 is what updateCredits.php does to me.

Jan 4th, 2019

Any chance that somebody van handle T205826 ?

This is an unbreaking change for and waiting wfew months for unknown reason?

@MarcoAurelio I think I found bugfix for problem which you reported about maintenance script updateCredits.php

Too, do you think to script should provide output at command line something like Done! or simular?

Jan 5th, 2019

I'll checkout the patch and test it locally, and will report back. A "done" message may be good too.

Given that the CREDITS file was recently updated at 4dfa67e9a it doesn't add anything new. But with your code the script doesn't add anything weird either.

That is an improvement at least.

Jan 12th, 2019

Ad T213575) Do we want to allow extra rights granted to interface-admin? As I explained in T213575#4875058, I strongly oppose that, but I'd like to hear other opinions before declining.

It is first request which I saw for interface-admin

I am not sure 100%

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In hewiki this was because there was already a group interface editor. In this case of azwiki I would propose to create a seperate group for abusefilter. Modifying of abusefilters is not the primary task of interface admins.

Jan 14th, 2019

Thanks, rejected.

@Urbanecm Sorry I had a problem with Phabricator 2FA, but I'm now back. I agree interface-admin should remain as in scope as possible and agree with the rejection. Best regards.

Jan 15th, 2019

Ok, so for each situation like this we should reject requests @MarcoAurelio?

Yes, I'd say so.

Jan 16th, 2019

Sorry for no activity

Jan 18th, 2019

@MarcoAurelio There is issue on newiki, any sysop or crats can't able to grant any right temporarily (for a short time period). How can we fix this?

What does cannot mean in this context Tulsi?

Sysop/crats of ne.wikipedia can't able to grant anyone a user right in temporary basis (expiry after 1 day/week/month/year). So, Unfortunately we have to grant the right permanently.

This matches the error message that's displayed when you use "Other time" and insert an invalid date there. Could you try use the prefilled expiry dates and let me know?

Dates and times should be entered on english

Dates and times is in auto-dropdown menu.

It's in nepalese language.

I have tried that prefilled expiry dates and that invalid message appears.

Can you using Developer tool (F12) to view the HTML attributes as shown?

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Jan 19th, 2019

How to change that <option value=" १ दिन">१ दिन</option> to <option value="1 day">१ दिन</option> for permanently?

Wrong format. The correct format should be like this: "<i18n>:1 day,<i18n>:1 week, ..."

It should be like १ दिन: 1 day, १ हप्ता: 1 week, १ महिना: 1 month, ३ महिना: 3 months, ६ महिना: 6 months, १ वर्ष: 1 year

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Jan 28th, 2019
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Mar 13th, 2019
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Mar 15th, 2019
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Mar 22nd, 2019 is not unified login.

How can it be fixed?

@Tulsi_Bhagat mai.wikimedia is not a CentralAuth wiki, it's a fishbowl wiki so all accounts there are local. This is expected. As you can see at your account at that site does not even appear there.

Okay. Got it. Thank you :-)

Mar 23rd, 2019
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Mar 24th, 2019
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Mar 26th, 2019
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Mar 28th, 2019

So I try to log in on gerrit, all I get is "Cannot assign user name "aldnonymous" to account 7011; name already in use.", anybody have a clue?

You should create a task for the issue, there's something that needs to be done from Gerrit.

Mar 29th, 2019
May 2nd, 2019
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(Heads-up: Hi everyone, I just posted in that I propose to close Conpherence which would also affect this room. Please feel free to comment there. Thanks!)

May 9th, 2019

(Heads-up: I'm proposing to disable Conpherence and hence also this chat room on June 24th, 2019. See for more information - thanks!)

May 10th, 2019
May 15th, 2019
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(User blocked by @Aklapper, so, removed from room)

May 16th, 2019

It is ok, thanks @Meno25

May 17th, 2019
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May 21st, 2019
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