Experimental Debian Stretch image now available

I've just installed a new public base image, ' debian-9.0-stretch (experimental)' and made it available for all projects. It should appear in the standard 'Source' UI in Horizon any time you create a new VM.

Please take heed of the word 'experimental' in the title. Stretch is not yet an official Debian release, and may still contain unexpected bugs and security issues. Additionally, the operations puppet repo has only begun to be Stretch-aware, so many roles and classes will likely fail or engage in otherwise undefined behavior.


  • Please DO use this image to test and update puppet classes, and to get a preview of things to come.
  • Please DO NOT use this image to build any instances that you plan to expose to the public, or that you want to keep around for more than a few months.

When Stretch is officially released and we've ironed out some more puppet issues I will delete this base image and purge those VMs that were built from it in order to avoid the debt of having to support 'experimental' VMs for eternity.

Written by Andrew on May 25 2017, 5:47 PM.
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