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Apr 19 2019, 6:58 PM
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This task will outline the installation of <system hostname>
Racking Plan: List out what the racking requirements of the system are here. Example: System X is in a cluster with system Y, so they cannot share a rack.
** on-site specific steps
[] - receive in system on #procurement task [populate task # here]
[] - rack system with proposed racking plan (see above) & update netbox (include all system info plus location, state of planned)
[] - host has a netbox state of Inventory
[] - bios/drac/serial setup/testing
[] - mgmt dns entries added for both asset tag and hostname
[] - network port setup (description, enable, vlan)
** end on-site specific steps
[] - production dns entries added
[] - operations/puppet update (install_server and set to role::spare)
[] - OS installation - this and the initial puppet run must take place one after the other
[] - puppet accept/initial run
[] - host state in netbox set to staged
[] - handoff for service implementation
[] - service implementation team updates role in site.pp from spare to actual role.
[] - service implementer changes from 'staged' status to 'active' status in netbox once system is in service

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