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Potential userscript for CCI workflow

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Chlod, Feb 4 2022
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F34942122: CCI Script Mockup(3).png
Feb 4 2022, 6:43 AM
F34942028: Screen Shot 2022-02-04 at 10.51.43.png
Feb 4 2022, 4:43 AM
F34942082: CCI Script Mockup(2).png
Feb 4 2022, 4:43 AM

Mock History

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Mock Description

This mock demonstrates some potential designs for a userscript that aids in the contributor copyright investigations workflow, meant to speed up the process of handling CCI sections while still remaining simple enough not to cause any problems with the page (especially as CCI pages are mostly non-standardized and do not have easy-to-parse templates). These are simply just design mocks and don't have actual code yet!

Comments are welcome! I expect to work on a userscript like this in the next few months, possibly near the end of February.

Text in the mocks are from Wikipedia:Contributor copyright investigations/Ruigeroeland and are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Screenshots may contain additional elements that are not part of the MediaWiki core, see User:Chlod/common.js for a complete list. OOUI icons and components are part of the OOUI library, released under the MIT license. Mocks are made with Figma, with the use of Wikimedia Design Team's Figma library.

Event Timeline

Seems like this mockup is no longer "potential". The first working version of Deputy has been released for public use. See User:Chlod/Scripts/Deputy for more information. Thank you!