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(An Untitled Masterwork)

Authored by greg on Mon, May 3, 9:13 PM.
10:28:25 <+hashar> so I had to restart Jenkins cause the Gearman management thread died out somehow (probably related to the recent Jenkins upgrade)
10:28:37 <+hashar> and it registered the management worker thread under a different name
10:28:47 <+hashar> so there is a pill up of functions in Gearman which can't really be flushed
10:29:07 <+hashar> unless we restart Jenkins until the worker thread manages to connect as contint2001 instead of the ip
10:29:19 <+hashar> it is not a big deal to loose the stop and set_description backlog
10:29:26 <+hashar> but the graph is wrong
10:29:41 <+hashar> and I think it can only be cleared out by restarting the Zuul scheduler
10:30:01 <+hashar> I guess I will restart it tomorrow when CI is less busy

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