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GD thumbnails are rusty: True color v. indexed palette
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Author: gschriss


Problem: Thumbnails for PNG images are generated using rusty tones using the GD

( $this->bits > 8 ) line 1277 in Image.php is returning false when it should
return true for PNG images. The thumbnail is created using an indexed palette
instead of true color, due to the code calling PHP's imagecreate() instead of
imagecreatetruecolor(). I have it hard-coded to 'true' now as a temporary

I am not sure if the bug is a Mediawiki-specific issue. Build and OS
information for the problematic server is located at:

Thanks, George

  • MediaWiki: 1.7.1
  • PHP: 5.1.6 (apache)
  • MySQL: 4.1.21-standard
  • Extensions: o Extension functions: + Auth_remote_user_hook o Parser extension tags: + <pre>

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: normal
Platform: Other



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As of 1.10, it looks like all thumbs are done in truecolor mode with GD rendering, thus nicely colored and resampled.

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