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Image with + character in filename don't show as thumbnails
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Author: ahoerstemeier

Images which have a plus character in its filename don't show as thumbnails,
only the full sized image shows. Probably it's a problem with the URL encoding
of that character and the subdirectory used for the thumbnails.

Additionally, the check usage function does not work because there the plus gets
converted to a underscore, which is of course a different image. The problematic
image is

commons:Image:Ferdl+franz lang.jpg

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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robchur wrote:

Note that CheckUsage has nothing to do with us; report problems with the tool to
the tool's maintainer, Duesentrieb. That doesn't mean this isn't also a bug in
MediaWiki, though.

Seems to be fixed in the meantime, somehow. Thumb is created and visible on the page.