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Square bracket lemmata
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There are a number of expressions which have been imported that contain square
brackets. It is not possible to open or edit these. Maybe a script can be run on
the database that changes all square brackets into round brackets, then these
expressions can be dealt with. --[[User:Mkill|Mkill]] 22:45, 5 August 2006 (CEST)

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robchur wrote:

Er, WiktionaryZ isn't hosted by us, is it?

As far as I understand, Wikidata and WiktionaryZ are extensions for which the
source code is hosted in the MediaWiki subversion repository and as such, all
issues with software in that repository are to be reported in this issue
management program. Please inform me if my assumption is incorrect.

robchur wrote:

If it's to do with the software, yes. However, we can't run any such script on
the database.