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Special:Newpages lacks dedicated CSS classes
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Author: broken.arrow

Due to the new long autosummaries, the current layout of Special:Newpages is
hard to read, especially on small screens (see example above).

The lack of dedicated CSS classes prevents code-independent changes (e.g.
margins, bolding items, indenting) that could be implemented locally, without
triggering site-wide UI-change syndrome.

Note: Unpatrolled entries currently have the "not-patrolled" class if patrolling
is active.

Version: 1.9.x
Severity: enhancement



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md5 wrote:

This bug can probably be closed. Special:Newpages can be styled based on the page-Special_NewPages class on the <body> tag.

Checking on various Wikipedia locales:
fr: page-Special_Nouvelles_pages
de: page-Spezial_Neue_Seiten
it: page-Speciale_PaginePiùRecenti

The page css class is localized. IMHO, this wouldn't be a proper way to resolve the issue, especially if said css was used somewhere that setup css shared across all their sites in different locales, or if a wiki tried to copy css from a wiki using the technique which was in a different language of the wiki they are on.

md5 wrote:

It seems like it would be easy enough to make it so that pages in the Special namespace always have a class for the canonical name in addition to the current class for the localized name.

With r70773 I added classes to all elements of a NewPages line. Should be stylable for all kinds of fashion now :-)

Also, unneeded elements can be hidden per CSS in case of transclusion.