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Allow URL functions to concatenate query string from multiple arguments
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When you for example are using {{localurl:foo|query}} sometimes you have
multiple query variables. To make the interface more clean, I would suggest to
apply fortcomming patch to enable the format:
{{localurl:page|query1=a|query2=b}} (and for localurle, fullurl and fullurle),
to generate the url "index.php?title=Page&query1=a&query2=b"

Version: 1.9.x
Severity: enhancement



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the patch as described

attachment urlFunctions.patch ignored as obsolete

robchur wrote:

Any chance of a bit of URL-encoding of values? :)

comment 15 on bug 5720 notes that this wouldnt be backward compatible.

sumanah wrote:

Comment on attachment 2867
the patch as described

Marked as obsolete since patch no longer applies cleanly to Subversion trunk,
per Rusty Burchfield's automated testing

sumanah wrote:

Carl, thank you for the patch. I'm removing the need-review and patch
keywords since the MediaWiki codebase has changed so much since you submitted
the patch that the patch no longer applies cleanly to Subversion trunk. I'm very sorry for the delay in review.

We're currently rewriting the parser, so I am cc'ing Gabriel Wicke, who's working on that effort. If you're still interested in this issue, maybe you could come into the MediaWiki-General IRC channel and discuss the situation and possible approaches before revising your patch and reattaching it. Thanks!

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