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Interwiki extension: "undefined method::invalidateCache()" in Interwiki_body.php
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When I attempt to add a new entry into Interwiki on my Local Wiki (URL: http://localhost/linux/index.php/$1) via the Special:Interwiki page, I get the following error (keeping in mind I have debugging enabled in my LocalSettings.php script):

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Interwiki::invalidateCache() in /var/lib/linux/extensions/Interwiki/Interwiki_body.php on line 291

This is what I entered into the Interwiki page before pressing "Add":

2015-06-18-022810_1366x768_scrot.png (768×1 px, 196 KB)

Operating system32 bit Ubuntu 15.04
MediaWiki (MW) version1.25.1
MW locale/var/lib/linux/
No of MW instances2. The other is located at /var/lib/mediawiki/
MySQL version5.6.24-0ubuntu2

I have only just updated Interwiki (which I downloaded using git) using

git submodule init
git submodule update

run from its base directory at /var/lib/linux/extensions/Interwiki. In this new instance of MW I have never used Interwiki yet, so if you want to know if I've used it successfully before I'm afraid the answer is no as I haven't tried. If I've missed any information you require to help fix this problem just ask and I'll gladly give it where possible.

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Interwiki::invalidateCache was added in 1.26 to core.

Your specification says that you using core 1.25.1, but you are using the version 1.26alpha of the Interwiki extension.
You have to download the correct release for the Interwiki extension to work correctly with your mediawiki core version.

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Closing as INVALID as per last comment.