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Account created, user doesn't get temporary password
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I created an account for a user using // and checked the box for sending a temporary password. I told the user through OTRS the temporary password has been sent. A little later, the user came back to report she didn't get the temporary password. I then used the password reset form the reset the password for the user and the user still didn't receive the password. I asked the user to wait 24 hours and the user still didn't receive the temporary password. I used the same mailaddress the user also used in her contact with OTRS. User checked the spamfolder and it doesn't contain any mails from Wikipedia.
User can't login with the accountname she requested.
How can the user get access to her account?
Accountname: Roxy Wildwood

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I've tested to create another account myself on wikipedia, with the check to email me the password, and I received the email with the password without problems

That user seems to not exist:

The usual things (tripple-check the spelling of the email address, spam folders, ...) have been performed?

Usual checks have been performed. And checking the existence of a userpage is a bad way to check if an account exists. Since it's a new account, user can't have created a user page yet. Better method of checking the existence of an account is CentralAuth: //
BTW once an account is created, there is no way of checking the associated mail address except when you're the user and are logged in (and the user can't login).

I checked which email address is used for this account on the database level.

The email address that i found i pasted into Google and i found quite a few things that are somewhat nsfw but confirm the existence of this address.

Then i went to the main mail server mx1001, and grepped logfiles for this address.. No results at all.

Just tried it again. First I send a password reminder by entering her username. Got the normal response that if an e-mail address was linked, the user should have received an e-mail with the password. Then tried it again using her e-mail address and got a message that I couldn't attempt it again within 24 hours. So that means I entered the correct e-mail address at registration (copied it from the OTRS conversation). If there is now still nothing in the logfiles something in the code must prevent the sending of the mail.

I have a hit in the mailserver log file now. I see how it's "wiki mail" and Google delivered it OK.

User confirmed she got a password now.

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