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Create OpenStack project
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For tracking Horizon rollout, etc..

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Sounds like it would make T89270 even more fun

Name: OpenStack
Description: This project tracks the development and deployment of the OpenStack software that manages the instance framework in Cloud-Services.
Type: Component

@Negative24: Has this been discussed with the rest of SRE or Cloud-Services (e.g. on a mailing list)? Asking because to effectively use projects, people need to be aware of their existence and actually associate these projects to tasks...

@Aklapper I discussed it with the few people actively working with OpenStack atm. It isn't that big (yet). Its fine if this isn't created, its not really needed right now.

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@Aklapper I discussed it with the few people actively working with OpenStack atm.

In Wikimedia? I'm fine creating this as long as somebody will to the triage work and tag tasks accordingly so they end up in the OpenStack basket. The more people are interested and committed to doing that, the more I support creating this project.
Clarification welcome.

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I don't think this is needed at the moment.