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Extra whitespace in beginning of HTML source for Specialpages and Allmessages causes bad display
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Since some time the both pages [[w:fr:Special:Specialpages]] and [[w:fr:Special:Allmessages]]
have a problem of presentation in Opera and Internet Explorer (not Firefox). It is like if the
page is zoomed.

I have made some try and when I remove the first white line at the begin of the source code of
the page, it works. The problem occurs only in the french-speaking wikis, although the first
white line is present in all wikis.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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robchur wrote:

Confirmed on the French Wikipedia under Internet Explorer 7, but I can't
reproduce this on a vanilla install of trunk selecting the French language.

I'm inclined to suspect:

  • an extension installed on those wikis that's not elsewhere
  • a local JavaScript customisation causing problems

Will see if I can pinpoint this.

ayg wrote:

The initial space isn't local to frwiki. Compare to, for instance. The strange
display is probably a result of the *interaction* between Opera and IE
displaying in quirks mode (which Firefox does not) and local stylesheets.
Obviously it's the first that should be fixed, not the second.

Fixed in r18830; extra whitespace on an extension file which gets loaded during
special page lists.