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Special:Import may mis-attribute contributions
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There's a conceptual problem with the way imports are handled by Special:Import:
Users are solely identified by their name, which may lead to mis-attributing
edits. Consider user Foo contributes to page Quux on wiki A. The page is then
moved to wiki B. Now, three cases are possible:

  1. If user Foo exist on wiki B, and is the same person, all is fine.
  2. If user Foo exist on wiki B, and is a DIFFERENT person, the edits are

mis-attributed, both in the page history and in Special:Contributions.

  1. If user Foo does not exist on wiki B, edits are still attributed to that

username, both in the page history and in Special:Contributions. Anyone who
comes along can claim those edits for him/herself by creating an account called
Foo - which again would mis-represent authorship. This may happen intentionally
or not, it's bad in both cases.

I noticed this problem when seeing pages that I contributed to on being moved to; I did not have an account there

  • I created one, claiming the contributions for myself. But a lot of people are

bound not to know about this. Also, if pages from meta or commons, where I
(Duesentrieb) have an account, where to be imported into the english wikipedia,
this would cause them to be attributed to [[en:User:Duesentrieb]], who is NOT me.

I expect this problem to go away for Wikimedia projects once we get single
sign-on. But perhaps we should wait with large-scale interwiki moves until that
time. Also, other users thould be advised of this problem, and perhaps
Special:Import and the command line import scripts should show a warning about
this too. Ideally, there should be a way to supply a fixed mapping of user
names, or a prefixing/suffixing pattern.

Version: 1.9.x
Severity: major



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wikt.3.connelm wrote:

Putting the warning on Special:Import won't help anything. That wouldn't slow
en.wiktionary's transwiki (from Wikipedia) bot down at all. Amusingly,
en.wiktionary now has edits from /before/ it was created.

It would be really nice if non-existant accounts on the import target project
(i.e. en.wiktionary) had SUL-ish accounts auto-stubbed whenever an import
succeded for a new user (one that exists on Wikipedia, but not on Wiktionary.)

This might even provide a nice small sample of users to test out SUL before
becoming a mandatory thing for everyone. This would also have the benefit of
addressing the long-term rock solid contributors on the first pass.

Pretty much a non-issue, and will go away entirely shortly.