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Some geolocated photos not shown
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Hi all,

I am a humble Wikimedia user, working on cs.wikipedia and WM Commons mostly, and I have been given a link to this site by a colleague user:Juandev to report a possible bug. To tell the truth, it may well be that I am just doing something wrong... Let me explain.

The thing is that many of my uploaded and geocoded Commons photos do not show automatically in maps like OpenStreetMaps or Google Earth and I do not understand why.

Example: Pond & oak
When I click on the icon next to the geocode on the photo Commons page (link above), I get a red cross at the right place but there is no Commons icon. The photo does not appear in OSM and Google Earth maps with commons images.
GPS template in this photo: {{Object location|49|0|4.53|N|14|24|35.21|E|region:CZ}}

The same happens with a photo from last week:
Monastery tree
Template: {{Location dec|50.08277|14.423826}}

However, this photo IS shown in the maps:
Template: {{location|48|59|4.41|N|14|26|51.40|E|type:landmark_region:CZ_heading:N}},

and so is a photo which I uploaded today:
Pond with ducks
Template: {{Location dec|49.003998|14.416616}}

Recently I have been using Vicuňa uploader, before I used to upload via Commonist. If that matters at all, my Firefox browser and Win8 are updated, and the same thing happens in Chrome.

Thanks for any help.

Best regards,
Czech Republic

Would you be so kind as to notify me on or send a reply to my email: Thank you!

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The OSM link goes to wiwosm, the Google Earth link goes geocommons. Both seem to miss a lot of images compared to

pinging @Kolossos

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WIWOSM queries for images in the current map view.

@Para, does this request return objects with {{location}] but not {{object location}}?