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longdesc attribut leading to wrong place
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On my screen reader JAWS, I can press enter to
get the long description of an image. This does
not work on the URL above; I get taken to

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The HTML looks correct.

<div style="position: relative;"><img
alt="picture of a foo" width="200" height="131" longdesc="/wiki/Image:Foo.jpg"
usemap="#ImageMap_1" /><a href="/wiki/Image:Foo.jpg" title="About this image"
style="position:absolute; top: 111px; left: 0px;"><img alt="About this image"
src="/w/extensions/ImageMap/desc-20.png" style="border: none;" /></a></div>

On further testing, his appears to be a problem with JAWS, not with the
ImageMap extension. I can't find the script in JAWS which deals with the
longdesc attribute, but it seems to expect a full URL, not a relative
directory. When I tried the example in my test copy of MediaWiki, where the
only setting I have changed is to allow image uploads, I get the following
However, the example at works with
JAWS and JAWS does not do anything to the full URL provided.

I've jus tested this on JAWS 8, the latest version of JAWS and the long
descriptions work fine there. It's a paid upgrade though. My previous test
versions where the longdesc links did not work were JAWS 5.1 and 6.0, which
could conceivably still be used by a lot of people.

As far as I understand it's not a problem with the imagemap extension? --> Close
this bug as WFM.

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