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When editing a heading
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Author: Mesaloco

When i go to edit the text under one of the headings on a page the
error below is displayed after hitting save. The changes are actually
saved but the pages is not reloaded. I am using the default setup and
can not seem to determine the problem. I have not tried to shorten my
urls or anything and it only happens while editing under a heading
(ex ==About==) If i edit the whole page it works just fine. Any ideas?

Internal error
Redirect loop detected!

This means the wiki got confused about what page was requested; this
sometimes happens when moving a wiki to a new server or changing the
server configuration.

Your web server was detected as possibly not supporting URL path
components (PATH_INFO) correctly; check your LocalSettings.php for a
customized $wgArticlePath setting and/or toggle $wgUsePathInfo to

Version: 1.9.x
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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I don't encounter any such problem editing a test page:

Tested in Firefox OS X 10.4 and IE 7.0/Windows 2003

Marking test as "working for me". Please reopen the bug
if the issue is still happening.