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InputBox extension not producing valid XHTML
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Author: buzz

The input box does not produce xhtml strict markup. Attached is a patch
which removes the tables, stops mediawiki inserting <p></p> into the form
and breaking validation and a conversion of the bgcolor="" to style="" and
allowing styles to be passed into the extension.

I read on another bug that my style change could lead to a cross site
javascript vulnerability? But wouldn't this also be the case for bgcolor?

Anyway.. this patch works for me. Feel free to improve any potential

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Severity: normal
OS: other
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buzz wrote:

Patch for inputbox


MediaWiki does not use XHTML Strict, but Transitional.

ayg wrote:

Unquoted attributes aren't valid there, either (indeed, IIRC they aren't even valid in HTML 4
except for numbers). The rest of the patch is still INVALID, though.

By the way, the issue with allowing arbitrary style on elements is that IE will accept
JavaScript in CSS, as I understand it. It also allows offsite background-images, which we tend
to frown on in MediaWiki.

ayg wrote:

Should be valid XHTML Transitional as of r19729.