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Split off permission for editing user JavaScript and CSS from "editinterface"
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Author: md5

We would like to allow users with "sysop" permission to edit the MediaWiki
namespace without being able to edit user JavaScript and CSS. In our
installation, we have already disabled site JavaScript using $wgUseSiteJs, but
we'd like to retain the ability to have user JavaScript that is not editable by

To do this, we have split the permission for editing the MediaWiki namespace and
user JS/CSS into two permissions: "editinterface" and "edituserjscss". I will
attach a patch for Title.php and DefaultSettings.php that implements this split
in my next update to this bug. The changes to Title.php change control of user
JS/CSS editing from "editinterface" to "edituserjscss". The changes to
DefaultSettings.php set "edituserjscss" to true by default for "sysop" to
maintain the existing default behavior.

The only repercussion I can see from this change is that installations that have
already disabled "editinterface" for "sysop" will have to add a setting for
"edituserjscss" when they upgrade.

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: enhancement
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md5 wrote:

Patch to create "edituserjscss" permission

This patch was created today off the SVN trunk of MediaWiki.


md5 wrote:

With the SVN version, a similar effect can be acheived using
$wgNamespaceProtection by changing the permission for editing MediaWiki from
"editinterface" to a new permission. That way, "editinterface" actually only
controls editing user JS and CSS. However, this seems a little odd, since
editing the MediaWiki namespace seems to be the core purpose of the
"editinterface" permission.

$wgNamespaceProtection[NS_MEDIAWIKI] = array('editmediawikins');

If this is done, the following restores the current default install permissions
by allowing the "editmediawikins" permission for "sysop" (in addition to
"editinterface", which is already enabled):

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['editmediawikins'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['editmediawikins'] = true;

However, this also has the same problem for installations that have already
restricted "editinterface".

Done in r25720. Different patch used.