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Feature idea: show active sites in a filter bar above list
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Sitic, I think I remember you saying somewhere that you wished the "sites selected" dropdown was more elegant. (Perhaps I'm wrong?) I never know what sites are going to show up on my crosswatch and on pageload I usually see one site load before the rest. Consider adding a horizontal filter bar just above the list that would show each site/wiki currently included in the visible CW list (possibly with a count next to each one)? It would make it easy to see at a glance which wikis have action and then to toggle which ones should be viewable. There could also be a toggle for "all" and a hidden dropdown for all sites toggled off or sites without any updates. I think it'd be better than the dropdown. (I imagine most editors will have one primary wiki affiliation with a lot of hits and then a bunch of wikis that almost always get drowned out. The virtue of CW is being able to see those few hits in a sea of primary wiki hits.)

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Yes, I mentioned it in T100157: Better filtering by namespace support, especially now with the watchlist seperated per wiki it's much more important:

I think I need a tab next to filter and preferences which shows each wiki with the number of current watchlist entries and lets users disable, choose a color and set the order for each wiki. I'm just not sure how to implement it.

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I'm going to merge it in T109656: Feature idea: show active sites in a filter bar above list for now, so I can find it again.

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Ups, that was the wrong bug. I can't see the correct one right now.

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