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Create {{INCLUDEDPAGE}} magic word
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Author: Bernhard.Fastenrath

{{INCLUDING_PAGE}} for the name of the including page of a template when that
page is included by another page (it is not {{PAGENAME}}).

Motivation: A page (P) may include sub-pages (P1 ... Pn) and the sub-pages could
have their own talk pages. A header template (H) included by P1 ... Pn would
need to refer to [[{{TALKSPACEE}}:{{INCLUDING_PAGE}}|talk]] so a reader of P
could immediately reach the individual talk pages conveniently.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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ayg wrote:

{{INCLUDEDPAGE}} would seem like a better name, although probably someone can do
better than that ({{REALLYPAGENAME}}? :P).

Bernhard.Fastenrath wrote:

{{INCLUDEDPAGE}} takes the view of the author of page P. That doesn't make sense
when INCLUDEDPAGE could be P1 ... Pn and these could again have sub-pages P1.1
... P1.i ... Pn.1 ... Pn.j. What would be the value of INCLUDEDPAGE? wrote:

{{INCLUDEDPAGE}} is just creating {{subst:PAGENAME}} variable that updates when the template is moved. {{INCLUDINGPAGE}} is not possible with the current preprocessor and would require a lot of work to facilitate.

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