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Add an option to hide the rename log in recent changes
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In "Recent Changes" on any content wiki, it shows the Global Rename actions, which can often clog up the recent changes and make it more difficult to use. Please add an option to both Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-rc and RecentChanges, to enable a user to choose to hide the Rename Log. This would be similar to options to hide Wikidata actions in Recent Changes. Cheers.

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Really? We show all account creations, so renames should also be showing. There are no more than 20 a day, which on the busiest wikis is hardly obtrusive against the edits.

Meta shows 6 collapsed changes for me (from 500)
enWP shows 0 from 1000
enWS shows 0 from 500

Where are you seeing issues, and please define "clogged up" at the wiki in question.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not asking for renaming to be hidden by default, just on a preference basis. On English Wikinews, for example renaming forms 34 of the last 100 actions (starting with the creation of User:Osakafinancial and ending with Blood Red Sandman deleting a page, excluding bots and Wikidata). I don't necessarily need to know about the renaming actions of highly trusted GR's and stewards, especially because it doesn't affect content. It isn't like Wikidata, which most of us can act on if an item has been wrongly changed. I really can't see any user rename being objectionable if it's been screened at Meta but even if it was, the place to ask for action would be Meta rather than locally.

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I don't think a preference option is worth it. We could probably wrap the log entry with a class like we do on Special:Log.

Change 241678 had a related patch set uploaded (by Glaisher):
Add mw-changeslist-(log|ns)-* class to OldChangesList as well

Apparently, the class needed for this is not added for old-style changeslist only; it's added for new enhanced changes lists. You can add .mw-changeslist-log-renameuser{ display:none; } to your global.css or common.css once the patch is merged to hide renameuser log entries.

Change 241678 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add mw-changeslist-(log|ns)-* class to OldChangesList as well