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Internationalise redirecting error page (for "")
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Author: info

When you type in a url of you'll receive an english error page, redirecting you to the
corresponding Dutch article in 5 seconds. I think we should translate the message into all locales

As brion suggested, here is a possible translation in dutch

(Page title:) Wikimedia pagina niet gevonden: <URL>

404 error: pagina niet gevonden.

De URL die je probeerde te bezoeken bestaat niet.
Bedoelde je <URL>? Na vijf seconden word je daarnaar doorverwezen.

Zie ook:
De Hoofdpagina

De Wikimedia-downloadpagina

Een project van de Wikimedia foundation

The page title is a bit croocked dutch, but I like having the URL at the end instead of the middle of a sentence.
The "je" in the above texts is a bit informal and can be replaced by a more formal "u", except that in the third
occurrence the preceding "word" becomes "wordt" (If I'm right)

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