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Provide minimal doxygen documentation for SkinFallback
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Description is a Doxygen installation.

MediaWiki core includes a "Fallback" skin. It's what you see if somehow wgDefaultSkin isn't available. It isn't visible to users. (Try it by adding ?useskin=fallback to a page, see for example:

Because SkinFallback is in MediaWiki core (see the code search results), it shows up in Doxygen's class diagrams that are otherwise helpful for class Skin, but the generated documentation for SkinFallback is terrible.

It only needs a few changes:

  • merge the two comment blocks at the top of these files
  • add the explanation I gave above
  • improve the confusing overlapping statements
    • "Skin template for the fallback skin
    • "SkinTemplate class for the fallback skin

I don't think the files should be marked \@ingroup Skins since it's not relevant to other skins.

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@Florian Hi I would like to work on this task. Can you tell me where do I need to add the above description in this file Also the second link mentioned in the description is not working. Please guide!

In the meantime, SkinFallbackTemplate was removed in 26d5f78f84d57fca007700f143b2c51ab8840d69 so I'm going to remove that from the task description.