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Autofill of email To: field taking inexplicable value
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When attempting to reply to;TicketID=8714592 , the email To: field is auto-filled to "" instead of the customer's email address. Nothing in the ticket's history appears to indicate that this should be the case, or how an unrelated address is appearing.

If the autofilled value cannot be relied upon (and this isn't some freak occurrence), this may be quite serious (every agent will need to double check the field every time, or risk leaking emails out).

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The ticket had the accounts mailing list in its reply-to address (as noted in the plan-text email header). Why is that the case, I don't know. Looking in to it. However, in the future - please contact the OTRS admins before creating phabricator tasks. Not to mention some potentially sensitive issues that could be inadvertently released in a new task here, there are usually ways teh OTRS admins can rectify issues on our end, without the needs for WMF ops.

We're looking into the matter.

OK... I did try to choose my language carefully, but understood. I also see now that I should have checked the headers before reporting.

After discussion with another admin, it would appear that this is an isolated incident whereby the sender set the accounts mailing list to the reply-to field. They chose to do this, and we've not encountered any other such issues in the past so we do not anticipate many, if any other in the future.

In this instance you can simply add the correct customer address in the To field. You may wish to keep the accounts ML added to the senders list, as they likely did that for a reason. Perhaps there is ongoing discussion there related to his inquiry.

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