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Explain / sort out / fix SCM repository number mismatch on korma
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As of today,

I'd expect at least these numbers to be the same. As they are not, I'd love to have an explanation.

Furthermore, what is the relation of these numbers to:

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Bug is pretty similar to T116484. It's also already isolated.

This seems to be an error when counting activity in empty repositories.

That's a general issue we have in Wikimedia, also see T115262: Remove mediawiki/extensions/* repos that have never been used about cleaning them up... :-/

New version of the library deployed. Waiting results ..

So far the numbers on have not changed. :)

Ok, Korma data show that there are 1166 git repositories in the list of repos at and same number in the total number of git repositories at

On the other hand, these numbers are not the same as the total number of git repositories found in the list of repositories minus the blacklist of git repositories.

We had an error in our library so the process didn't finish correctly. This morning I took the code from the branch we wrote for Wikimedia and merged it into master. Now we have the code of Wikimedia fully integrated with Grimoire-Lib master.

The result will be a more stable dashboard. Process launch, crossing fingers to see first version using master branch.

@Dicortazar: this is the commit where I merge the two branches