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Add revision scoring for nlwiki
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ORES and the underlying systems are awesome. With growing support in countervandalism tools, I'd like to see support added for nlwiki.

Ideally we'd have all the edit quality models implemented.

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Pulled in Dutch work lists in

I'm still finishing some cleanup. Once that is merged, we'll be ready to build a model. Fun story, I've already gathered a sample of reverted edits for nlwiki because I figured we'd be picking this up soon.

$ revscoring model_info models/nlwiki.reverted.linear_svc.model 
 - type: LinearSVC
 - version: 0.0.2
 - trained: 2015-11-10T10:05:49.036872

Accuracy: 0.914321608040201

ROC-AUC: 0.9332789647261259

      False    True
--  -------  ------
 0     3386      22
 1      418     154
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