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Incorrect output for cmn on Meta
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{{#babel:cmn}} displays "English" rather than "Mandarin Chinese" (or the equivalent translated text) on Meta. The correct text is displayed on other Wikimedia wikis I have tested, and is correct in the codes.txt file within the extension so this appears to be a Meta specific bug.

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@Nemo_bis: Shouldn't we fallback cmn to zh? By this way both this and something mentioned on Extension talk:Babel will be resolved?

Meta has a modified local message to interwiki-link the categories:

A useful step would be to add the (English) locale name (not a cmn locale!) to CLDR, where it's currently missing:
The request can be made at

Sorry, I should not easily report to CLDR, because we already have, create another dummy locale will make CLDR confusing

Looks like the same issue as T152925: Babel Extension - Issue with ASE language code. The issue seems to be specific to Meta, which is rather odd. Did something go wrong with the local customizations?