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Search Satisfaction metric dropped by 38.4%
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Looking at the 7day scale for i'm seeing a 38.4% drop in user satisfaction. Our threshold passing has gone to 0 while our click through has remained the same.

Any idea what's going on?

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It looks like the answer is that there aren't any events in the table it stores as the default, and that's because when Erik fixed the broken schema he switched tables (to avoid caching issues) and assumed we'd know he'd need to, and we assumed if he didn't tell us the table had switched it'd changed the same, and *whoops*. Fixing and backfilling now.

Backfilling is now complete, and I am submitting a patch to reset the defaults.

Change 251323 had a related patch set uploaded (by OliverKeyes):
Reset default tables for user satisfaction metrics

Change 251323 merged by Bearloga:
Reset default tables for user satisfaction metrics

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Data remains unchanged. Re-opening.

Bug fixed, need @mpopov to kick the machine.