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Update page links to point to new title upon page move
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Author: sspecter

As it is now, then we move a page, all links pointing to the page do not update

I wonder why. Maybe because updating the link in all articles would spend too
processing resource?

If is that so, I suggest a solution: creating a redirect table which would
associate a link name to its moved page name. All articles requested would be
checked if it have the link changed, and if so it would be automatically updated.

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Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

This is similar in intent to bug 4578. Note that there are often good reasons
*not* to do a mass update in this fashion, such as when moving a page to a
parenthesised title for disambiguation purposes. One of the reasons for
introducing redirects was to ensure that page moves could be made without
breaking all existing links; the performance hit in following a redirect is

ayg wrote:

This is frequently undesirable. See [[Template:R with possibilities]].
Redirects exist for a reason: aliases for pages are frequently desirable.
Suggest WONTFIX.