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RESTBase mentions 200 requests/s but varnishes rate limit at 50/seconds
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The RESTBase API doc at mentions:

As a general rule, don't perform more than 200 requests/s to

@BBlack recently introduced a rate limiter in Varnish which limits requests to 50/secs:


sub misspass_limiter {
    if (ipcast.ip(req.http.X-Client-IP, "") !~ wikimedia_nets) {
        // TBF: "1, 0.02s, 250" == "50/s, burst of 250"
        if (!tbf.rate(req.http.X-Client-IP, 1, 0.02s, 250)) {
            error 429 "Request Rate Exceeded";

Maybe we should only mention the actual rate limit on the already linked page then add a comment in VCL to remember folks to update the wikipage.

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