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[Bug] Query text shifted to the right in WDQS query editor
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When a query is opened in the WDQS query editor, often the query text is shifted way to the right, so that only a couple of columns of characters remain visible.

Usually this can be cured by refreshing the page, but not always -- sometime the issue still persists, even after four or five attempts to refresh.

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With "when a query is opened" what exactly do you mean? Do you click a link to a specific query?

Exactly: when one clicks a link to a specific query.

Thank you for your report. I also stumbled upon this error, but couldn't find a cure after short investigation. I think it could be an initialization timing error.

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This seems to be a CodeMirror issue, it happened to me from time to time also, reload usually fixes it.

Interesting behavior when you add a example query afterwards it corrects display issue..

Change 260005 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jonas Kress (WMDE)):
Moved JS files to end of body

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Should be resolved.