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Add checklist/filter functionality to articles/categories
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Consider a category, for example en:Category:United States company stubs, plagued with spammy articles. Currently there is no way to collaboratively (or for oneself) mark which articles have been reviewed for, let's say, notability or such.

It would be much easier to do clean up drives and such if we would have a way to quickly toggle on and off some filters. For example, each article could have a checklist of "has been checked for notability/neutrality/etc." (the community should be able to create such assessment categories, probably tied to common cleanup issues). An editor with some flag/permission (or just an autoconfirmed editor, perhaps) could check the article after a review.

This could be made visible to article's readers, increasing their trust in it (see my proposal in T120754: Make quality/reliability of an article more clear to the reader), and would be very useful for cleanup drives, as I could try to filter the category for not-reviewed articles. It would be in essence a non-invasive pending changes feature, but more nuanced. --Piotrus (talk) 05:34, 10 November 2015 (UTC)

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