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Checkboxes should be checked by default in Special:Undelete
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Author: yonatanh

The only times where the status of a checkbox matter are when you're doing a partial restore, in which case you'd probably want all the checkboxes do be checked by default so you can deselect the few revisions you don't want restored.

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Severity: enhancement



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cannon.danielc wrote:

Really simple patch for this...

Piece of cake to do, patch attached -- if we want to do it, that is.


cannon.danielc wrote:

Having talked to robchurch, there are *indeed* performance reasons why this is not done. Selecting all checkmarks requires that each of them be processed by timestamp as opposed to simply doing all in bulk in the default case of none-selected. This causes excessive and unnecessary load, especially since undelete-all is the most common case. Changing to WONTFIX and hunting down the bug this is a dupe of.

ayg wrote:

How about we add some intelligence and check if they're all selected, and in that case behave the same as with none selected? Or better yet, if this is an issue, figure out whether it's best to come up with a list to delete or a list not to delete, to put in the appropriate WHERE clause.

To know if they're all selected you'd have to read out the list again on submit. Possible though.

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