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Android production release 2.1.136
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See Android release process for process documentation.

Release version: 2.1.136
Release tag: r/2.1.136-r-2015-12-09
Release SHA1: 334cbd3640f943348a88f33df138d4b4fa1f8a1f
Google Play Store Beta app build and publish date: 2015-12-09
Production APK build date: 2015-12-09
Google Play Store production (Alpha testing) publish date: 2015-12-09
Amazon Appstore APK build date: 2015-12-09
Other partner APKs build date: 2015-12-09
Regression Testing URL:

Google Play Store Production app rollout schedule:

  • 100% (notify mobile-l): 2015-12-11

Amazon Appstore publish date: 2015-12-11

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