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In ContentTranslation, "Mark as missing" adds an interwiki link to the source language instead of adding a red link
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To reproduce:

  • Translate "Don Juan (tango)" from Spanish to French.
  • Go to the paragraph under "Historia", which has the words "fue compuesto en Mamita".
  • Click the paragraph. The "Mamita" link becomes red in the source column and gray in the target column.
  • Click the gray "Mamita" link in the target paragraph. Click "Mark as missing" ("Marquer comme manquant").
  • Set the target title to the user space.
  • Publish.

Expected: "Mamita" should be a red link to the page "Mamita" in the French Wikipedia.
Observed: "Mamita" is a link to the Spanish Wikipedia.

Based on a Talk:CX report by Eloy. More similar reports arrived recently, and this is the first time I managed to reproduce it.

Here's the really strange part: If I select "Mamita" in the target column, click "Mark as missing", and inspect the link's HTML, I see that href is set to "Mamita". When I publish, it becomes ":es:Mamita_(local_de_baile)". It's super-strange, because I don't even see the "local_de_baile" part when I inspect the link's HTML.