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Certain math isn't being rendered on Italian Wikiversity
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Author: phoenixct

This page imported from shows errors on text between <math>, but in original page in it.wikibooks it is without problems.

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This breaks in texvc starting in r17286 -- "(bug 7741) MATH: fixed broken syntax of underbrace etc. Fixed arrays"

The old images continue to show on it.wikibooks because there are entries in the math table already. On it.wikiverisity there are no entries so it tries to rerender, unsuccessfully.

I'm not sure whether this is a breakage in texvc or if the tex is wrong and should be adjusted.

phoenixct wrote:

I solved it deleting all recurrences of "\mathbf"
Thanks for help.

phoenixct wrote:

Sorry, not deleting, but moving. It was misused, and with new implementation of mediawiki return error.