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Pagemovedtext problem (again?)
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In order to make MediaWiki:Pagemovedtext more useful, it has to have links to the source and destination page. These links must have "redirect=no" in their address, so when the user clicks to link to the old page, he wouldn't be redirected to the destination page.

This had been done by fixing the MediaWiki:Pagemovedtext, and adding {{fullurl: codes in it. ( However, it turned out that the parser wouldnot render the $1 and $2 prior to it rendering the MediaWiki page code; that is, it should $1 instead of the name of the source page!

In order to fix that, people found a "workaround" (not a solution though) to include the $1 and $2 code in templates ( It worked until lately, which I have noticed it is again broken. Look here:

Instead of the source and destination page titles and links to them, $1 and $2 are shown again! I think it is time to revise the code, so every {{fullurl: command is processed before any template or MediaWiki page is processed.

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ayg wrote:

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 6261 ***

robchur wrote:

This is fixed in r23513 with the removal of the "pagemovedtext" message, introducing "movepage-moved" which expects two HTML links; the link to the original title doesn't redirect.

ayg wrote:

Ah, "before any template or MediaWiki page is processed" meaning "on the PHP side before letting the message even see the parameter" makes sense.

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update to Fa messages file

Thank you rob. By the way, it would be grate if, after the pagemovedtext is depricated, it would be deleted automatically on all wikis.

Also, please apply the patch I have provided for Farsi language message.