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Provide parser functions for site matrix data
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This may probably have to be split into several enhancement requests. Here is the idea:

In the Wikipedia of Ripuarian languages, we have several special pages which inter-language-link to the corresponding special pages of all other Wikipedias, e.g. [[Special:Statistics]], et al.

Maintaining these links in [[MediaWiki:xxx]] pages, is such boring and tedious a task, that it would have to be left to a bot.

  1. having a means available, that would loop through all wikipedias using the data already present in [[special:sitematrix]] would require nothing but a one-time setup.
  1. as Wikipedias, and other project wikis, are set up, and sometimes closed, or renamed, it would be nice at times, to use constructs similar to:

This is a suggestion to think about. Proper caching would certainly be an issue.

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Introduced {{#ifsiteexists}} and {{#siteurl}} in r33618.

Reverted in r33685.

These generally skeeze me out; among other things, they would fail utterly at any source-based mirror site, which means they're functionally an active problem in mirroring and distributing data (which is like our core mission).