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Allows whitelists of IP addresses in ConfirmEdit
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Author: andy753421

patch with 'patch -P0 < ConfirmEditWhitelistIP.patch' from /extensions/ConfirmEdit

This is a feature I found useful on a Wiki I run. In my case, to allow all edits from my school's subnet.

It works by specifying an array of regexes to match against IP addresses, if the address matches the edit is allowed.

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Severity: enhancement

attachment ConfirmEditWhitelistIP.patch ignored as obsolete



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It seems a bit odd to me to use a regex for an IP list.
It would seem cleaner to use existing (hopefully ;) functions for CIDR IP ranges.

andy753421 wrote:

Alternate patch to use CIDR ranges instead of regexs

There's nothing in PHP, but there seems to be something buried in /includes/IP.php ;)


Looks good -- works for individual IPs as well as ranges, nice!

Applied in r23758, with some tweaks to the doc comment.