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Saving large page (c. 2 MB) fails
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Attempting to save a large page with many links fails, every time, with the following message;


Our servers are currently experiencing a technical problem. This is probably temporary and should be fixed soon.
Please try again in a few minutes.

If you report this error to the Wikimedia System Administrators, please include the details below.

Request from via cp1068 cp1068 ([]:3128), Varnish XID 2685634291
Forwarded for: <local Ip address>,,,
Error: 503, Service Unavailable at Sat, 23 Jan 2016 23:34:20 GMT

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Hi @Rich_Farmbrough, thanks for taking the time to report this!
Can you please provide an example link in order to reproduce?

For future reference, please associate a project to tasks. Thanks!

Can you please provide an example link in order to reproduce?

Unfortunately closing this report as no further information has been provided.

@Rich_Farmbrough: Please reopen this report (by changing its status) after you have provided the information asked for and if this still happens. Thanks!