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installation hangs
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Author: imre.gergely

When trying to install a fresh mediawiki, version 1.10.0, the installation hangs somehow, the browser says the page is done, the tables are created but there's no LocalSettings.php, and the setup process doesn't finish, because the page does not load entirely.

after a bit of trying, it seems that the admin user can't be "Admin". if i set "Admin1", or the default "WikiSysop", it gets installed like a charm, without problems.

i tried to install mediawiki 1.9.3 with the user Admin, and it worked without problems.

linux: fedora core 4
apache: 2.0.54
php: 5.0.4
mysql: 4.1.20

the install page says to turn on some option in LocalSettings.php file to see more debugging info, but i don't see how i could do that, because i don't have a LocalSettings.php file yet, because it's a fresh install. if i create this file by hand in config/, or outside config/, the setup doesn't even start, it says that the installation is complete (because it sees the LocalSettings.php file i would guess).

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: major
OS: Linux



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robchur wrote:

Issue was identified as the user using the same admin username and password, now resolved.

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