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Attributes with Underscores do not show up when doing Special:SeachByAttribute
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Author: mediawiki

I created a lot of attributes with an embedded underscores.

When I go to the article factbox and click on the magnifying glass next to the attribute name, it says there are no results for the attribute.

When I manually type in the underscore in the SearchByAttribute page, however, it does show up.

For example. One attrib I have is END_TMS.

In the article that has the attrib AttribName END_TMS, clicking on the magnifying glass gives:


This results in the search being done against "END TMS" and not "END_TMS" resulting in an empty result set.

If I now manually type in "END_TMS" in the Special:SearchByAttribute page, it works as expected.

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Can you open up web browsing to your machine and give us an IP? Localhost takes us nowhere...

I cannot reproduce this bug in the current SVN version. Should be fixed by next release.