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Out of CAPTCHA images on English Wikipedia?
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Copy+pasted from OTRS ticket #2007071610010746:

I've tried today to create an account. I'm sure I already have one, but
there seems no way to find out what it is, so I tried to create a new one.#

All of the names I tried seem to be already taken, so I had to keep trying
new ideas- eventually, I got an error saying:

"Out of capcha images- this shouldn't happen."

I've also notified the person via OTRS about this bug report, so he can track it from here on.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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ayg wrote:

I can confirm that captchas appear to be generated properly for me right now on enwiki. Major but not critical.

Server 'vincent' was moved back to Apache duty from search on July 14, however it was missing network mounts for the image file server. This would have lead to errors when dealing with uploaded files, math rendering, and captchas.

I've re-added the mounts and put it back into service.